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Guru Murugan (V. Murugathas)
Guru Murugan (V. Murugathas) is a successor of alive tradition of Tamil Siddhars, who completely devotes himself to the service to the humanity.
Being a great yogi who has been continuing his deep yoga-sadhana for more than 35 years, every year he creates a new generation of professional yoga teachers of an international level, passing the original traditional techniques of hatha-yoga, which he had obtained from his Gurus.
Being a doctor of marma and siddha-aurveda he treats a big amount of people from all over the world using the highest Siddhar’s knowledge of the human body and herbal recipes and great inner power, which is increasing in him due to his deep yoga-sadhana, building also up new successors of this ancient traditional.
During the year Guru Murugan performs annumerous amount of master-classes and seminars on yoga and marma, participates in international conferences and festivals, holds yoga teacher’s training courses and courses on marmatherapy of different levels.
He builds up traditional yoga-ashrams in Sri-Lanka, India and Russia to preserve the sacred tradition of yoga and marma arts and to perform the highest service to the Gurus, proving the real power of the real yoga.

On February 2, 2019 Guru Murugan set up a world record on producing his 1,5 hour yoga-sadhana on ice with 60 minutes headstand fixation showing the powerful result of his pure yoga-sadhana which unlimitedly enlarges and transforms the resources of the human body and mind.

Guru Murugan is a practical Guru. He shows to his disciples the practical way of the real yoga transformation. It is not the way of reading and writing about transformation, it is the way to reach it practically.

Hours of deep Samadhi meditation and pure heart full of love and mercy give him a strong contact with the Divine, his soul devotion (athma sarnagathi) to his Gurus appeals the presence of the great Siddhars and their blessings in his life.

At the moment Guru Murugan is directing all his energies to building up a unique Temple of all the Siddhars in his ashram in Sri Lanka. The most powerful 1008 Shiva-Lingam surrounded by the statues of 18 Siddhars will delete and purify human karma and give moksha to serious and genuine yoga-sadhakas.

Om Nama Shivaya!

Continuity of tradition
He has been living more than a century ago and became a Guru to a great amount of Swamies. He was teaching very old traditional yoga and treatment techniques and established the Kadappaichithar Yoga Foundation (Bangalor, India).
Swami Sri Sidananda Saraswathi Yogi, third generation representative, born in Sri-Lanka, he got the initiation from his Guru Swami Sri Pasupathilinga in Bangalor and has been staying at his ashram for nearly 45 years. Then his Guru sent him back to Sri-Lanka to distribute the knowledge. So he came back to his motherland and started teaching yoga and yoga treatment techniques and brought up a few students to continue the tradition.

Swami Sri Kadappaichithar senior student. After Swami Sri Kadappaichithar’s Samadhi he was guiding the foundation and continuing passing the knowledge of yoga art (India).
Sri Ragavendra Swami
Sri Ragavendra Swami is the spiritual Guru of Acharya Murugan, Guru, who leads him from childhood in a subtle form, transmitting his instructions and blessings. Bhujaye Ragavendraye Satya Dharma Radayash, Baghetam Kalpam Vrikshae, Namatam Kamadenuwe.

Our ashrams
The current ashram YogaSiddhi is located near the city of Trincomalee in the eastern province of Sri Lanka.
Here everything was created with great love by the Teacher and his close disciples. Here Acharya Murugan conveys the deepest knowledge of yoga as it is customary in tradition.
In the ashram there is an amazing atmosphere of peace and goodness. People come here from different corners of the planet to find answers to the most intimate questions, understand themselves, their minds, feel their heart, practice yoga with the Guru and receive his blessings.
Soon the construction of the Russian ashram Yoga Siddhi will begin on the picturesque bank of the Volga in the Kamsko-Ustinsky district of Tatarstan.
We invite all people who are not indifferent to this idea to participate in its realization in every possible way!
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