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is the head of foundation Master of Yogi, alive successor of Kaddappaichitar Guru Parampara

Achariya Murugan, is a realized master, who generously shares with the sacred knowledge of the yoga art, obtained from the great yogies of the past, remaining this knowledge intact.



YogaSiddhi foundation performs a big diversity of yoga programs to different categories of students worldwide: basic and advanced master-classes, yoga and meditation seminars, workshops and vacation programs, yoga treatment and therapy classes, anti-depression programs, kids programs including workshops with special children with peculiarities of mental and physical growth, teacher’s training courses YogaSiddhi TTC 200 and TTC 300 with the international certification of the World Yoga Alliance.

The main mission of the foundation is to distribute ancient knowledge of yoga art all over the world, helping people to obtain healthy bodies and peaceful minds, following the spiritual path of inner development.

Yoga has become enormously popular nowadays, great variety of styles and proprietary schools. Modifying and trying to adapt traditional yoga techniques to the conditions of modern life, we are facing the fact that the techniques are losing their power and often cause side effects. Generally, all modern yoga styles are oriented only on physical body work. We are inviting you to learn the traditional yoga with its original techniques, which haven't gone through any changes for hundreds of years, feel its power and reach its depth!

Continuity of tradition

Guru Parampara

  • Murugathas Vipulananthan

    Master Yogi Murugan is the representative of the 4th Kaddappaichittar Guru Parampara generation. His Guru - Sri Sidananda Saraswathi Yogi started his yoga practice at the age of 54 and ended his life journey at the age of 107, having reached the samadhi-the last stage of yoga path and consciously stopped his heart beating . At his respectable age Swami had a body of a juvenile, which wasn't touched by any diseases. He cured great amount of people by the techniques of traditional yoga, which had been carefully passed through generation to generation. He blessed his eldest disciple Murgan to distribute this knowledge worldwide, as Swami himself spoke only his native Tamil language. Since then during many years master yogi Murugan is working with people, generously sharing this powerful knowledge, obtained from the Guru

  • Swami Sri

    He has been living more than a century ago and became a Guru to a great amount of Swamies. He was teaching very old traditional yoga and treatment techniques and established the Kadappaichithar Yoga Foundation (Bangalor, India)

  • Swami Sri Pasupathilingam

    Swami Sri Kadappaichithar senior student. After Swami Sri Kadappaichithar’s Samadhi he was guiding the foundation and continuing passing the knowledge of yoga art (India)

  • Swami Sri Sidananda
    Saraswathi Yogi

    Swami Sri Sidananda Saraswathi Yogi, third generation representative, born in Sri-Lanka, he got the initiation from his Guru Swami Sri Pasupathilinga in Bangalor and has been staying at his ashram for nearly 45 years. Then his Guru sent him back to Sri-Lanka to distribute the knowledge. So he came back to his motherland and started teaching yoga and yoga treatment techniques and brought up a few students to continue the tradition.


WYA mission is to promote and share the knowledge of authentic Yoga practices worldwide, WYA setting worldwide standards of Yoga for practitioners, teachers and Yoga Organizations.

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