Our ashrams

The current ashram YogaSiddhi is located near the city of Trincomalee in the eastern province of Sri Lanka.
Here everything was created with great love by the Teacher and his close disciples. Here Acharya Murugan conveys the deepest knowledge of yoga as it is customary in tradition.
In the ashram there is an amazing atmosphere of peace and goodness. People come here from different corners of the planet to find answers to the most intimate questions, understand themselves, their minds, feel their heart, practice yoga with the Guru and receive his blessings.
Soon the construction of the Russian ashram Yoga Siddhi will begin on the picturesque bank of the Volga in the Kamsko-Ustinsky district of Tatarstan.
We invite all people who are not indifferent to this idea to participate in its realization in every possible way!

Practicing yoga and meditation with Guru Brahma Sri Murugan Yoga Acharya in the peaceful atmosphere of YogaSiddhi Ashrams

Videos from the holy lands of the ashrams

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