Maha Shivaratri 2019 in YogaSiddhi ashram (Sri-Lanka)

YogaSiddhi ashram
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Under the spiritual guidance of Karuurar Siddhar – one of the dominant Siddhars in the history of yoga, the raja Guru of Radja Radja Cholan dynasty who following the Guru Karuuar’s counseling, created the world famous Tanjor Temple in Tamilnad (India), in the deepest states of meditation performing his intense yoga tapas Siddhar Murugan – the head of the World YogaSiddhi Foundation, doctor of yoga, marma and siddha-aurveda has built up a unique 12 feet Shiva Lingam, which has no analogues in the world and contains the power of 1008 Lingams and the quality of Pavanasham (pava-karma, nasham – cleansing) - the live reflection of all the 18 Siddhars’ bleessings.


The Pavanasham Shiva Lingam deletes 12 types of negative influence on the human caused by:
1. Stars (Nakshetram)
2. Planets (Kolhal)
3. Horoscope (Rasihal)
4. Special weak days (Nalkal)
5. Someone’s negative thoughts (Pilli)
6. Someone’s actions (Suniam)
7. Someone’s energies (Eval)
8. Negative yantras (Seivinai)
9. Voodos (Vaippu)
10. Negative pudjas (Kalippu)
11. Taking the negative energy inside (Maryndy)
12. Effect from someone’s eyes (Kannery)

The Pavanasham will give the vimokshanam – will purify the humans from these negative effects.
This is the purpose with which all the 18 Siddhars appear their holy presence round the Shiva Lingam and pass their powerful blessings to all the human beings of the world who will come to this sacred place.

March 4, 2019 Maha Shivaratri celebration:
«6 large-scale abhishekam and pudjas will be performed during the greatest night of Shiva. We are welcoming everyone to come and personally touch the holy Lingam during the pudjas and feel the divine blessings to go forward in your spiritual way! Siddhar vakku, Shiva vakku (the words of Siddhar are the words of Shiva)”
The devoted son of Guru Agasthiyar,


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