YogaSiddhi ATTC Advanced Teaching Course

Ashram YogaSiddhi, Shri-Lanka
Уровень подготовки:

We are welcoming you at our 21-days study of an advanced level from great Master of yoga and marma arts – Dr Brahma Sri V. Murugathas and obtain the rank of the yoga Acharya!

Guru Murugan generously shares the knowledge passed to him by the great yogis, who have reached the highest stages of self-realization.

Set your heart on the time devotes for your own inner growth, for the health of your body, for deeper self-realization, discovering the laws of the Universe and the subtle realizations. Do not be afraid of the difficulties during the study. Guru will guide you very carefully in your practice and its results will be above all your expectations.

You will come back home in the new status of the master of yoga – yoga Acharya –that one who can guide the humans showing the pure spiritual way of real yoga-sadhana.

This is the main purpose the Guru prepares us - to open and improve our best qualities and go forward with the steady confidence.

“Avatar” – if translate literally, is the divinity who descends to a human level to perform the mission.

Our way – the opposite direction, our each step should bring us closer to the Divine Absolute, the absolute purity of the mind and heart, the purity of the thoughts and actions; this is the real path of yoga – the way of obtaining the divine qualities.

ATTC program
5.00-6.00   Pranayama practice
6.00-7.00   Meditation and satsung
8.00-10.00   Yoga practice
11.00-12.00   Karma yoga (yoga of self-less service)
13.00-15.00   Lectures on the deep yoga philosophy, Siddhar's medicine and marmatherapy
16.00-18.00   Yoga practice
19.00-20.30   Meditation and satsung
While your bodies and minds will be purified and trained the Guru can change the regime of the practices during the day, sometimes there can be 4 yoga-practices per day.
The YogaSiddhi Advanced Training Course has no analogues in any modern yoga schools, as it is representing the ancient knowledge of yoga art in the linage of Guru-Parampara, where the techniques passed from the Gurus to their disciples have never been changed or modified and thus preserve the great effect on all the physical, mental and energetical systems of the human body.

Daytime fresh soft fruit drinks will be served. Separately you can order fruit plates and king cockonuts

You will visit several powerful sacred Guru-living places.

Accomodation, food and Word Yoga Alliance certification has to be paid separately.

85 000 р.
When paying by February 21
Payment by installments: 55 000 rubles is paid through the site, 30 000 rubles is paid on arrival in local currency (rupees or dollars).
92 000 р.
When paying after February 21
Payment by installments: 62 000 rubles is paid through the site, 30 000 rubles is paid on arrival in local currency (rupees or dollars).

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