Maha Shivaratry 2020 in YogaSiddhi Ashram (Sri Lanka)

YogaSiddhi Ashram (Sri Lanka)
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February 21, 2020 - the Great Night of Lord Shiva SHIVARATRY in YogaSiddhi Ashram (Sri Lanka)

We are glad to invite everyone who practices spiritual yoga saddhana to pilgrimage retreat.

Guru Murugan, great yogi of modernity, the Head of the World YogaSiddhi Foundation builds the unique temple of all Siddhars.
Statues of all 18 Siddhars have been already installed around the Shiva Lingam, which has no analogues in the world.
This Shiva Lingam has an exceptional force of purification. All secrets of its creation were passed to Guru Murugan in the deepest states of meditation by Grand Siddhars.

Everybody could take direct part in all pudjas and abhishekam which will be performed during the whole day and night of Shivaratry celebration.
Touching of the holy thing is almost impossible in all temples. Shiva Lingam who contains the power of 1008 lingams was created by our Guru for all people. So that everyone could come and touch it by its own hands, feel its power, get purification from karma effects, go forward in its spiritual way to Mukti.


February 21, 2020 Maha Shivaratry celebration:
«6 large-scale abhishekam and pudjas will be performed during the greatest night of Shiva. We are welcoming everyone to come and personally touch the holy Lingam during the pudjas and feel the divine blessings to go forward in your spiritual way! Siddhar vakku, Shiva vakku (the words of Siddhar are the words of Shiva)”
The devoted son of Guru Agasthiyar,

February 16, 2020- departure from Moscow
February 24, 2020 departure from Sri Lanka
At the present moment cheap air-tickets could be bought.
Included in the price: accomodation, food and practices.

30 000 rubles.
Payment before January 16, 2020
35 000 rubles.
Payment after January 16, 2020

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