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This section is for those who plan to invite Acharya Murugan to their city for master classes and seminars on traditional yoga and marma therapy performing.
Here you will find a description of the programs and the conditions for their performance.

Master classes

On traditional yoga and marma therapy from a world-class master - Brahma Sri Murugan Yoga Acharya.

Acharya Murugan will talk about himself, about his 33-year practice of yoga, about the years spent with the Guru, who completed his journey in jiva-samadhi, about the culture of yoga and the tradition of knowledge transfer.

Techniques received from the great Guru of the past will be presented, which have not been subjected to any changes and modifications.
The basic techniques of purifying (kriyas) and breathing techniques (pranayama), as well as the basic asanas, whose efficacy will help to keep the health of the body and the peace of mind for many years of life will be thoroughly analyzed.


  • «Yoga and Marma therapy»
  • «Yoga secrets»
  • «Bhutasudtha» (Purification)
  • Yoga therapy
  • 2-days yoga weekends with the Master
  • Individual receptions for marma therapy.

1. "Yoga and Marma therapy"

Marmavidya – the science of marmas, vital points of the body. This is a huge field of knowledge that exists for more than one millennium

Acharya Murugan represents the Tamil branch of knowledge transfer. At the seminar "Yoga and Marma therapy" he will talk about the closest relationship of these ancient art forms, about the impact and activation of marmas points with the help of yoga forms and techniques.

Marma is the point of prana (energy)concentration, extremely important life points that have a secret and important meaning for life.

Day 1
10.00 — 13.00 - Introduction to marma therapy, 108 marms activation by yoga technicians, theory and practice
13.00 — 14.00 - Lunch break.
14.00 — 18.00 - Balance and harmonization of all body structures with the help of impact on the points of marma. Theory, practice, pair work.

Day 2
Marma therapy individual treatments

2. «Yoga secrets»

You will practice yoga with the tradition bearer with more than 30 years of experience, learn about the 5 levels of its impact, the impact on 5 primary elements and 3 states of consciousness, find out the ancient secrets of breathing, receive techniques of mind control. .
The level of the Event is basic, which means that everyone can visit it, even those who have very little experience in yoga or do not have it at all. It is very important at the very first stages of practice to start practicing correctly, with a deep understanding of what you are doing and why.
10.00 — 13.00 - Yoga practice 1. Lecture 1: the value of traditional practices, 5 levels of their impact, their impact on 5 primary elements and 3 states of consciousness.
13.00 — 14.00 - Lunch break.
14.00 — 18.00 - Lecture 2: The Sacrament of Breath: The frequency and quality of breathing, which affects the life time, through breathing control - to control the mind, two categories of mind, the technique of suspending the wavering of the mind. Yoga practice 2.

3. Seminar «Purification» (bhūtaśuddhi भूतशुद्धि).

The name of the seminar speaks for itself.
It is the purification of all gross and subtle human structures: the purification of the physical body, the purification of the energy body, the purification of the mental body, the chakra system, purification at the level of gunas and primary elements, leading to a state of high awareness and clarity of mind.
It is a profound practice, directed into ourselves, to where the true self and the only true reality are. It is very important to perform these techniques under the strict supervision of the Master.
In the days of practicing take sattvic food (a vegetarian diet is required), stay at rest and dive.

4. «Yoga therapy»

Master of Yoga Murugan (Doctor of Yoga) is the representative of the 4th generation of Guru-Parampara Kaddapayichtar (disciple making succession chains).
His Guru Sri Sidananda Saraswati Yogi began practicing yoga at the age of 54 and completed his lifetime at 107 years, reaching samadhi, the last step of yoga, deliberately stopping the beating of his heart. Being at this venerable age, Swami had the body of a young man, untouched by disease. He healed a great many people with the techniques of yoga, which were carefully and invariably transmitted from generation to generation.
He blessed his senior disciple Murugan for spreading this knowledge around the world, because Swami himself knew only his native tongue (Tamil). Since then, for many years, the master of yoga Murugan works with people, generously sharing the knowledge received from the Guru.

PROGRAM OF THE SEMINAR "Traditional YOGA THERAPY" 2-seminar-workshop from Acharya Murugan (Sri Lanka)

10.00 — 11.30 - Yoga.

11.30 — 12.00 - Coffee break.
12.00 — 13.30 - Lecture.
13.30 — 14.30 - Lunch.
14.30 — 15.30 - Lecture.
15.30 — 16.30 - Massage techniques for pain control and tension in the body.
16.30 — 18.00 - Yoga.

The lectures will examine in detail the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga as an entire system of human healing, the value and difference of traditional techniques from modern modifications, 5 physical shells/bodies of a person (Koshas), how to understand which Koshas are in imbalance and how by using Yoga techniques to affect them , the classification of diseases according to the Koshas, the system of energy channels (Nadis), the five primary elements in the body and their balance, mudras - the ancient science of self - healing with the fingers, the secrets of breathing, the eight steps of Yoga, what is the purpose of Yoga practice, the health of various body systems (gastrointestinal, reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, musculoskeletal system).

Certified courses

  • YogaSiddhi TTC 100 hours teaching course, duration 9 days.
  • YogaSiddhi TTC 200 hours teaching course, duration 18 days.
  • Training course for Marma therapy, 5-7 days.

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