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International YogaSiddhi Foundation

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siddhi - the results of your yoga practice

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from basic to advanced level

Basic master-class.

A series of master-classes can be performed. Is recommended for the beginners. Nowadays yoga has become very popular and it’s sometimes difficult for the beginners to find out real traditional yoga path. Yoga Siddhi Foundation teaches only traditional hatha-yoga techniques, as its Guru Parampara  is known for more than 300 years linage. The very basic pranayama and cleansing techniques will be very carefully introduced to the beginners, as well as very few but very powerful asanas which can help them to lead a healthy life and bring peace to their minds.

Advanced master-class

A series of master-classes can be performed. Will be interesting for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners. The techniques which are being taught have been passed to us from the great masters of the past and have never been modified or changed, that’s why they work so powerfully. During the master-class students will learn: advanced pranayama and cleansing kriyas techniques, measurements and corrections in asanas, injury free work in advanced asanas and their variations, back-bend and balancing postures will be pointed and worked out. The aim of the master-class is to let the students understand how to go deeper in their individual practice and how to integrate yoga practice into their social life.


traditional yoga treatment system

Master Yogi Murugan (Doctor Murugan) is the representative of the 4th Kaddappaichittar Guru Parampara generation. His Guru - Sri Sidananda Saraswathi Yogi started his yoga practice at the age of 54 and ended his life journey at the age of 107, having reached the samadhi-the last stage of yoga path and consiously stopped his heart beating . At his respectable age Swami had a body of a juvenile, which wasn't touched by any deseases. He cured great amount of people by the techniques of traditional yoga, which had been carefully passed through generation to generation. He blessed his elderst disciple Murgan to distribute this knowledge worldwide, as Swami himself spoke only his native Tamil language.  Since then during  many years master yogi Murugan is working with people, generously sharing this powerfull knowledge, obtained from the Guru.

Nowadays yoga became extremely popular all over the word, but mostly people don't use this art in fullscale. In fact, yoga is a unique medical scince, which can cure 4448 different diseases of an internal origin.

Spiritual expirience


Different Yoga Retreats programs are available at the most picturesque natural places worldwild (Sri-Lanka, India, Russia, Thailand, etc.) Spiritual yoga sadhana will help you to deepen your personal practice, discovering yoga as a deep spiritual path leading to high stages of realization. Morning and evening 3 hours hatha-yoga practice: meditation and satsangam (1 hour) and yoga (2 hours), at day time lectures on yoga philosophy and excursions.


theory and practice


    3 days seminar. The program of the seminar consists of traditional hatha-yoga techniques: asanas, pranayama, different types of meditation, elements of yoga-dancing, laughing therapy, massaging techniques focusing on how to relief pain and tension out of the body and how to relief over emotions, pair work and other processes on chakras activating and making the lotus of our heart flourish, full of peace and love.


    3 days course. 7 hours meditaion per day, students are supposed to keep silent during the seminar only pronouncing  mantras and satsangam. This course will bring the students to a very deep inner journey and make their whole bodies like a yantra. A very specaial opportunity to learn the meditation techniques directly from the Teacher, to forget about external circumstances and go to an amazing spiritual journey deep inside youself, understand yourself and your heart, realize the mission of your life and open yourself in new qualities of holliness and love.


bringing up new generation

Master Yogi Murugan has a big experience working with "special" children (autistic disturbance, cerebral palsy, etc.) at rehabilitation facilities  in Sri Lanka, also doing individual treatment. At his kids class he usues different types of play therapy, releasing tension, mental and physical blockings, rising up the creative potential of the kids.


creating togather for the sake of the humanity

С благословения учителей наш центр получил землю в Камско-Устьинском районе республики Татарстан и теперь мы приступаем к строительству и обустройству первого в России йога-ашрама в традиционном его понимании.

Мы будем рады и благодарны любому вашему участию по подготовке проекта ашрама, по благоустройству территории, в частности посадке сада, строительных работ, а также консультаций по юридическим вопросам, нам нужна большая, дружная команда и тогда наша задумка несомненно воплотиться в жизнь!

Нам пришло удивительное по силе, красоте и энергетике место, наша цель – создать пространство, в котором каждый мог бы найти покой и уединение, посвятить время духовной практике и духовному общению. 



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